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Significance of Seven: Episode #2

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Our Birth Story - Welcoming Our Son to The World

To say that a lot has changed is an absolute understatement. My mind, body, and soul have all experienced a transformation in the most positive manner of speaking. It has been a wild ride, from finding out that we were pregnant to the day we welcomed our son into the world. I wasn't sure if we would ever have kids. I think both myself and my husband were intrigued by the idea of having kids, but were teetered on the fence for many years. My husband was always good at suggesting that he'd like to have children, but whenever we began having a serious conversation about it, I always felt as though we would never come to a concrete "yes" or "no" answer. We would talk in circles, answering questions with more questions, until we both finally concluded with the words "well, we have plenty of time...we'll talk about it more later". It reminds me of a scene out of the film Idiocracy.

We always assumed that it would be an "accident" if we ever did have kids, which in the long run is exactly what it was. What started as an attempt to purge myself of all medications (including birth control) as a sort of 'fresh start' for my body, coupled with a few "slips" with our alternate method of birth control, ended in one of the greatest blessings. bestowed onto us: the birth of our son Dekker.

I will admit that I found it tricky to talk about my pregnancy with some mothers as mine was extremely easy in comparison to many new moms. Meanwhile, I found myself in conversations with mothers that started with questions like "Oh my god, how sick were you?", followed by a quick follow-up comment "I was so sick the whole nine months" or "my relationship was nearly compromised because I couldn't keep my emotions in control". I mean c'mon! I didn't even know that I was pregnant until I was 20 weeks along. So, needless to say, I didn't experience any physical discomfort or sickness throughout my pregnancy journey and I didn't find myself lashing out on my husband for no good reason.

The emotions that follow pregnancy were mild and were easily contributed to post-COVID depression or general anxiety, something that both my husband and I already had a working knowledge of. It wasn't until I found myself crying while vacuuming one day that I began to seriously think that there could be something more happening. After a quick run to the drug store and three positive pregnancy tests later, it was confirmed and our adventure truly began.

I talk a lot about my pregnancy journey in Episode 1, so with this episode of SOS I thought I would take the time to talk about my birth story. My hope is that I will be able to release these videos in a more timely fashion now that our son is here (as I say that out loud my son has just began to cry which makes me wonder if this is will really work the way I hope it will). In the meantime, I hope you will get some enjoyment and possibly even some insight from this vlog. I truly hope that you enjoy!


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