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Significance of Seven - Episode #1

Introduction, Opening for KRS-One, and Becoming a Mother

Sometimes we don't always know where to start, so it is best to just start where you are. I have been interested in content creation for a long time, and I always managed to find ways to procrastinate or prioritize other, sometimes less important ventures over fulfilling my creative desires. This is something that I have done for years with my music. This year is one of immense change, one that lives in the shadow of two very tumultuous years. Finding balance after the COVID-19 outbreak has been difficult for damn near everyone and, coupled with social and political controversies among many other things, it has left many feeling drained and defeated. In the mix of all of the negativity of the past couple of years, something unbelievably positive happened: I became pregnant with my first child.

Some might think this new endeavor would add further stress to an already chaotic existence, however it actually managed to have the opposite effect on me. I somehow felt calm, content, and more in-control than I had in years. It all started as a good-intended attempt to purge myself of most substances (drugs, alcohol, medication, etc) that ended in an unexpected yet extremely welcomed new family member. I think I was ready to not only be a mother, but to take some additional initiative with my life.

As my maternity leave began and the wait for my son to make his grand appearance ensued, I finally made the first steps towards creating my YouTube channel and produced my first episode. Although I was still finding my footing and definitely didn't have the episode concept centralized, it felt good to create something outside of my comfort zone and I was so proud of myself for finally kicking off this new project after waiting for so long. I have always enjoyed video editing and am certainly not shy to be in front of a camera, so it and exercise of both new and old skill sets.

In this introductory episode, I give a brief introduction to myself, I talk about the monumental moment that I opened for KRS-One and received some of the highest praise I have yet to receive from any major figure in music, and I talk about the moment I found out that I was going to be a mom.

I hope that you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it and I look forward to putting out more music and lifestyle vlogs in the future.


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